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Known for fast, thorough searches undertaken confidentially for both client firms and individuals.
Known for finding exactly the right person who fits the position and corporate culture.
Known for sticky placements—new employees who stay and grow.
Known for offering other related services to enhance your company's growth.

Founded in 1997 by the late Donald J. Smith and Kathleen A. Graham, HQ Search, Inc. has grown from a family office of two to a staff of ten experts…and is now growing its size again.  HQ Search, Inc. has also grown in scope from just offering retained executive search for finance professionals and finance-related firms to also offering Growth Advice™ and Growth Introductions™.  HQ Search's latest product offering is Your Internal Corporate Growth™. Coming soon: retained executive search for other process-oriented professionals.

Retained Executive Search

★ Completely confidential.

★ Hidden markets revealed.

★ Reliable market intelligence provided.

★ A non-competing client base guaranteed.

★ Most positions worked are of a financial nature or are in the employ of a financial services firm. Examples of positions and firm types.
      Coming soon: retained executive search for other process-oriented professionals.

★ Typical total annual compensation is in the six to seven figure dollar range.

★ A dedicated recruiter who is only working one search—yours—at a time and who personally conducts all phases—from beginning to end,
      from initial contact to close.

Your Internal Corporate Growth™

HQ Search's latest product offering is Your Internal Corporate Growth™—a platform of 12 customized services designed to assist you in:

Look at the details of all 12 services in the 20-page Your Internal Corporate Growth™ brochure.

Your Internal Corporate Growth — Compensation Studies and Research

Known for thorough, accurate analysis that carefully tracks differences and nuances, corroborates findings, and crafts compensation advice and solutions that you can trust for their reliability.
Compensation Study Comparison and Examples

Your Internal Corporate Growth — Growth Advice™

Consulting services for firms wanting to reach their goals through better alignment and utilization of their staff.
Examples of Growth Advice.

Your Internal Corporate Growth — Growth Introductions™

Grow your company and/or your career with the introduction to just the right person(s) through utilizing HQ Search’s massive database and network of relationships. Note: some restrictions apply.
Examples of Growth Introductions.

Your Internal Corporate Growth — Human Capital Coaches™

Additional services, such as Executive OnBoarding, 360° Feedback Assessment, etc. are also available.
Examples of Human Capital Coaches.

Connecting companies with successful professionals who stay and grow.
Connecting professionals with career enhancing strategies.
Crafting smart financial choices for both.